The Co-ed Killer
portrayed by: Jon Wu

11-1-Edmund-Kemper.jpg Edmund Emil Kemper III

Born December 18, 1948
The Co-ed Killer

Activity in California

Total Victims:

Span of Murder Spree:
August 27, 1964 - April 20, 1973

Date Apprehended:
April 20, 1973

Life Imprisonment

Father left his mother at an early age
Kemper believed he looked like his father
She hated him and used her son as the target for her frustrations
Kemper forced to sleep in the basement
Mother feared he would rape his sister
He felt shamed and dangerous
Described himself as a "walking time bomb"
Killed two family cats at 13
Slaughtered one cat with a machete
stuffed remains in the closet
Buried one alive
Dug it up Decapitated it
Stuck head on a pole

First Murder

August 27, 1964
15 year-old Kemper
Six-foot-four 17-acre ranch in North Fork, California
Living with paternal grandparents
Argument with 66 year old grandmother, Maude
Enraged Kemper shot her
once in the head
twice in the back
Stabbed her 3x
Reasoning for killing his grandmother
"I just wanted to see what it would be like to shoot grandma"

Second Murder

August 27 1964
Grandfather, Edmund
Age: 72
Upon exiting his car
Shot by .22 Caliber Rifle
.22 Caliber Rifle given as Christmas gift to young Kemper by his Grandfather

Reasoning for killing his Grandfather
To spare him having to find Maude dead, murdered by her grandson

Kemper called police to take him into custody
waited calmly on the porch for them
Diagnosed as having Paranoid Schizophrenia
Found to have Near Genius IQ
Stayed at the Atascadero State Hospital for the Criminally Insane
Due to intelligence:
convinced evaluators he would be safe to release upon his 21st birthday
released to his mother

Kemper disliked how his mother treated him

As a child Kemper was
Often forced by his mother to sleep in the basement
Frequently berated and belittled
He harbored fantasies of killing and mutilating her

Kemper went to a community college
as part of parole requirements.
Bought a yellow Ford Galaxy
Cruising the area
noticed young females hitchhiking
When he looked them over he thought about the things he could do to them

He prepared his car for his future actions
plastic bags
a blanket
and handcuffs
all placed into the trunk

Edward Kemper for a period of time picked up girls and let them go
He had picked up approximately 150 hitchhikers
until finally he felt an urgent inner drive
self named his "little zapples"

Third and Fourth Murders

May 7, 1972
Mary Ann Pesce & Anita Luchessa
8-1-Mary-Anne-Pesce.jpg8-2-Anita-Luchessa.jpg Hitchhiking from Fresno State College to Standford UniversityKemper drove off the highway onto a dirt road
He told them he intended to rape them and then take them to his apartment
Proceeded to handcuff Pesce to the backseat
Forced Luchessa into the trunk
Failing Attempt to smother and stab Pesce
Blade hit her backbone and wouldn't go further
Slit Pesce's throat
Then killed Luchessa
Used Pesce's head for sex before tossing it and Luchessa's into a canyon

August 15, 1972
Remains of a female head were recovered from an area in the mountains
Identified as Pesce's

5th Murder

September 14, 1972
15 year old Dance Student Aiko Koo

Hitchhiking from Berkley
Kemper's words:
"I pulled the gun out to show her I had it... she was freaking out. Then I put the gun away and that had more effect on her than pulling it out"
Pinched her nostrils to force her black out
Raped her and strangled her til she died
Dismembered and Dissected
Buried head in garden facing his Mother's window as a joke
"always wanted people to look up to her"

6th Murder

January 7, 1973
18 year old Cindy Schall

Hitchhiking to class at Cabrillo Community College

Two days later
Dismembered arms and legs found on a cliff overlooking Pacific Ocean
Upper Torso washed ashore
Lung X-Rays identified as Schall's
Later Lower torso washed in
Surfer found her left hand
Fingerprints confirmed
Head and Right hand remained missing
Kemper stated he engaged in sexual acts with the severed parts

Papers began talking about the "Chopper" and the "Butcher"

7th & 8th Murders

February 5, 1973
Rosalind Thorpe & Alice Liu

There were no leads in their disappearances

March 4, 1973
Hikers found a human skull and jawbone by the highway
Skull and Jawbone did not match each other
Police searched and found remaining pieces
Identified remains as Rosalind Thorpe & Alice Liu
Liu shot twice in the head
Thorpe shot once

9th & 10th Murders

April 20, 1973

Clarnell Strandberg & Sara Hallett


Kemper still feared his mother
questioned whether he should flee or kill her
"I can't get away from her... She knows all my buttons and I dance like a puppet"
Kemper waited til she went out with her friends and returned tipsy
Entering her room
Clarnell remarks:
"I suppose you want to talk now"
Kemper replies No
Kemper then broke his composure and began to cry.
His mother's death was the only murder to bring guilt or remorse
Kemper killed his sleeping mother
Decapitated by pick hammer
"It was so hard."
"I cut off her head, and I humiliated her, of course. She was dead, because of the way she raised her son."
Kemper engaged
in oral sex with the severed head
sex with the headless corpse
in placing the head on a mantel
talking to the head
throwing darts at the head
cutting out her vocal cords and putting them in the garbage disposal
upon turning the switch on the disposal jammed and threw her vocal cords back at him
Reasoning for putting vocal cords in garbage disposal:
"it seemed appropriate, as much as she had bitched and screamed at me over the years"
Remarks on disposal jamming:
"Even when she's dead she was still bitching at me, I couldn't get her to shut up."
Later invited mother's friend, Sally Hallet, for a surprise dinner for Clarnell
Sally was beaten strangled and then laid naked on his bed
Had sex with Sally's corpse
Decapitated her

Next morning fled to Pueblo, Colorado

Disappointed in not hearing grand news of the two murders and not becoming famous
Kemper stopped at a phone booth and called the police

Authorities were lost
no leads to Co-ed killer
no methods, no strategies to end killing
Universities in surround area dropped in enrollment
April 23, 1973
Santa Cruz Police received a call
24 year old Edmund Kemper
Phone booth: Pueblo, Colorado
Confessions to murders
Cops didn't believe him
Called multiple times until an officer finally arrived at his home
The officer inspected the home finding the corpses
Kemper continued to show the officers where he buried the undiscovered remains of his victims
Convicted on 8 counts of first degree murder
when asked what he considered to be an appropriate punishment
Kemper responded:
Death by Torture
He pleaded for the death penalty
Death penalty was suspended at the time
Kemper received life sentence